House the homeless
Feed the hungry
While wanting to help feed and shelter the homeless, we often give small amounts of cash to a person approching our car at a red light hoping that they will use the cash in the way we intend them to do and what they said they needed it for, but also doubt they will at the same time. We feel guilty not helping but often are at a loss of how to help in a meaningfull way.

Here at BlessingU we have developed a system where buying a card for only $8.00 you are giving both a meal and shelter to a homeless person. Just hand the card to a homeless person and they can turn the card in for a meal at participating restaurants or grocery stores. They will in turn recieve a meal at a $5 value. $3 goes to fund the new homeless village and shelter near Columbus, OH.

Please help us feed the hungry in your home town and shelter a homeless person in need by purchasing a card today.

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