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Holiday Support

Holiday support is for members of our community who are not homeless but stuggle to meet monthly bills without the extra burden of holiday celebrations. We believe every member of our community should have the ability to celebrate Thanksgiving and the birth of Jesus. We open applications first week of September and close it when the predetermined amount of slots are full. If you feel you will need support this comming season, please register early. If you would like to sponsor a child or family, please contact us and we will give you the needed information. We love our volunteers and supportes who find it in their hearts to help their neighbors in this way.

Items to consider throughout the year that are needed every Christmas are....

All items should be new, in original packaging (bar codes may be removed to prevent returns) and may be donated throughout the year.

We all like giving to the cute 3 year old but we believe all need to feel loved. Please consider matching your sponsorship with a child of same gender and similar age as those of your children. If you dont have children, then consider the most unlikely child to get a sponsor. Thank-you for your generosity.