Blessing U

Our primary goal is $1,000,000 to begin building the village to house the chronically homeless in our community. Please help us!

Currently we have two fundraisers you can participate in. The first is by buying or selling Meal Gift Cards. Each card costs $8 and gives $3 towards the village and $5 to the vendor who supplies a meal to the person you give the card to.

If you need to fund raise in your community for homeless issues, we would be willing to partner with you and split the $3 to help fund your cause. We can even put your artwork on the gift cards.

Our second fundraiser is selling care bags to give out to the homeless. You may buy a bag to give out yourself, or sponsor a bag for a local orginization to give to a homeless person. Please consider helping this effort.

We of course also take donations of any size. Your donations are tax deductable.